Lambeth choice based lettings

Search and bid for properties

This is the choice-based lettings scheme for Lambeth Council homes and for housing association rented properties in Lambeth.  We advertise Council and Housing Association homes which are available to let each week and you "bid" for homes that you are interested in. 

New advertisements appear on Wednesday showing the week’s available properties.

How to bid for homes

To place bids you will need to be on Lambeth Council's housing register and log on using your bidding number and Personal Identification Number (PIN).   You can bid using the website or the Home Connections smartphone app.

Useful information

The policy on how we allocate council and housing association homes is set out in the Lambeth Housing Allocation Scheme 2013. This policy covers everything from our local connection rules to the size of the home you can bid for and the level of priority you have relative to other people.

Housing moves

Housing Moves is a scheme that allows tenants to move outside their existing borough to a different part of London. It was set up by the Mayor of London and aimed at council tenants and housing association tenants living in London who need to move to other parts of London to be near family or to be nearer their place of work.

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Mutual exchange

Offer a way for households to swap their homes and move either to the same size home or a smaller property. It offers an easier and quicker way for council tenants to move and swaps can occur anywhere in the UK and can happen between two or more tenants.

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